You've heard the rumors - a monster SPL sub from KICER - an 18-inch square-coned giant - a sub so big it takes two guys to even look at it, let alone carry it - power ratings of 5000 watts RMS and 10,000 watts peak - a field-replaceable cone/coil assembly- It's all true AND MORE!

The outrageous KICKER SoloX S18X is the biggest thing yet from the biggest name in bass. Eighteen inches and 100 pounds of the scariest, hairiest subwoofer to ever pound the face of the earth - engineered to deliver mind-numbing, gut-busting low frequency mayhem that only the seriously warped have the nerve to even imagine. The SoloX is for the hard-core SPL competitor (or guys that behave that way), and sometimes these folks blow things up. That's why we designed it with a removable cone/coil assembly. If you happen to really freak and let out the magic smoke, you can easily swap things out in minutes without pulling the entire sub!

How does it perform? It grabbed World Championships in its first SPL competition (that means it's loud) - AND in its first Sound Quality competition (that means it sounds good). How's that?


Deze sub met een nieuwe recone voor slechts € 799.

SLAM (SPAIR Lockdown Attachment Mechanism)™ - aluminum frame which locks down the removable assembly.

SPAIR (Simple Pull Apart Insertable Replacement)™ (pat.pend.) - a stamped steel basket holding the removable cone/voicecoil assembly.
  • Titanium Deposit Impregnated Cone with rolled outer edge, ISD, stitched surround
  • S4 Quad Spider Array™
  • Dual Ultra-Length 3.5-inch Voice Coil
  • B3-Link 3-Way Connection System™ allows binding post, terminal block, or barrier strip connection
  • Strain relief boots on tinsel lead wires
BAM (Basket and Motor assembly)™ - the heavy part.
  • Cast Aluminum Basket
  • UniPlate V.2™ extended pole/backplate assembly
  • X-Vent™ Extended Pole (pat.pend.) for cool operation
  • ARCTIC (Aluminum Rapid Cooling Thermal Induction Centering) Cap™ centers SPAIR and aids cooling by adding mass and channeling air into X-Vent
  • Triple Stack Custom Tooled Magnet
  • Chrome Plated Backplate
  • Thick Rubber Magnet Boot protects against damage during installation
Also included is the SPLAT (Speaker Precise Location Alignment Tool) to locate and anchor the BAM to the baffle of your box.

Size (IN., CM)
18, 45.7
Impedance (OHMS)
Max Rec Amplifier Power (WATTS PEAK)
Max Rec Amplifier Power (WATTS RMS)
Sensitivity (dB 1W/1M)
Frequency Response (HZ)
Mounting Depth (CM)
Mounting Cutout, Square (CM)
Recommended Box Volumes The SoloX is engineered for highly specialized installations/applications. See the Tech Manual or consult the KICKER Technical Support Team for enclosure specifications based on your individual requirements.

Assumes typical music program with minimal amplifier clipping; varies with enclosure size.
See your KICKER dealer for complete details.

Due to continual development, products and specifications are subject to change without notice. Stillwater Designs and its agents are not responsible for typographical errors.